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Okay, so what makes the HP epilogue cheesy but the Mockingjay epilogue satisfying? (Assuming you found it satisfying.) Just curious.


I like what I like, and everyone else can like what they like. I’m not going to discuss the HP epilogue. I’d rather write fanfic for a fandom I’m in.

I can tell you what I like about the MJ epilogue. It isn’t neat and tidy, but there is hope. Katniss and Peeta still have scars, but the epilogue confirms that something beautiful can survive and thrive out of the ashes, which has literally been the message of the whole series, as we’re banged over the head by dandelions and bread. There’s symbolism at work in those children playing in a graveyard.

The imagery surrounding the children is reflective not only of the message of the book but of Katniss’ personal journey as well. It isn’t that she didn’t want children, it’s that she was afraid to have them in a world where she couldn’t protect them, just like she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to protect Prim. Having those children signals to the reader that Katniss has found some level of peace. She finally lives in a world where she can have children, and while it’s scary, she can do it without living in constant fear that they’ll be led like lambs to the slaughter.

Protagonist’s journey complete, imagery complete. A woman’s story doesn’t and shouldn’t always end with children, but given the message and this particular protagonist’s struggles, I think it almost had to end with children in order to tell the story SC is telling. The children aren’t fanservice, they’re an essential part of the arc of the series, and the imagery is really beautiful. I was once upon a time an English lit major. Imagery revs my engine.