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On January 30, 2011, Jen and Josh met at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Jen told Josh how a newspaper article about a boy from Kentucky who made it in Hollywood inspired her to continue acting. Josh remembers the hot pink dress she wore. On February 26, 2011, they met again at the Independent Spirit Awards where Jen wore a white dress and tried to dance with Josh while he was dancing to MMMBop. 

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) were held at the Kodak Theater on February 27, 2011. It is a misconception that they seemingly ignored each other because they didn’t know each other. Based on their own accounts and the timeline, they not only knew each other but had engaged in conversation and even danced. 

Why did they ignore each other on the Oscars red carpet? Only they know.

He and she knew that he was up for the role of Peeta. It was announced a few days after this that it was announced that she was Katniss.
They might have been told not to talk on red carpet because nothing announced yet. But Josh was talking to Jen’s mom.

I wonder their 1st phone conversation was before or after this Oscar night?

It was at least a month after this Oscar night.

Well, I think we can find out when was that famous phone conversation if we can find out when was the official announcement of Josh’s being cast as Peeta, because Jen revealed in their interview that she called Josh on the night of his official casting announcement. I think if I recalled correctly that it was Josh Horowitz actually the 1st person announced that Josh is playing Peeta on his tweet. Reblog this post with your finding please.

It was announced to the public on April 4th, 2011. But more than likely, the people involved with the production (aka the leading actress) didn’t find out through the media. I would expect she was told privately before the news went public. And it was a press release from Lionsgate that got picked up by all the media that day. I don’t think they ever said it happened the day of the announcement; pretty sure Josh just said “when I got cast as Peeta” or something like that. So more likely, it happened before the public announcement was made (as an example, remember that the cast knew before the general public that Jena Malone was cast as Johanna since Josh spilled the beans on her casting at the Teen Choice Awards in 2012. Her announcement hadn’t been made yet at that time.)